Saturday, June 5, 2010

Earthbound is 15 years old today!

So I came across this and I am pretty excited about it. Earthbound is 15 years old.

I myself haven't played Earthbound.At the time of its release I wasn't really into RPGs yet. So it was somewhat not noticed by me. A few years ago I started to notice the series thanks to the inclusion of Ness in the Smash Bros games.

Do we have any Earthbound fans here?

If so what are your experences with the game? Are you one of the long time fans of the series or are you a newcomer to the series?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the series.:)


Rocket said...

I'm a big Earthbound fan =D

I first played the game during its 10th anniversary when I started getting my first taste of living away from home. It was my first time using ATM machines and calling my parents occasionally so I was able to closely identify with Ness, who does the same things on his journey. It was great meeting and chatting with some genuinely wonderful characters and experiencing the various modern day scenarios.

Also, Opoona for the Wii is this generation's Earthbound in some ways =)

Maxi said...

How do you figure that Oppona is this generations Earthbound?

Rocket said...

Opoona and Earthbound are similar in some ways, mostly it's due to the cute characters and the nature of conversations you have with NPCs make them similar. It doesn't have Shigesato Itoi's writing of course but it does have a sense of humour in some places for example when you watch t.v.

Maxi said...

I see your point Rocket.

So the writing is one of the draws to Earthbound. I'll have to look around for some gameplay.
Was there any memorable characters in Earthbound?

Benjamin Fennell said...

Opoona's definitely been this generation's EarthBound. There's elements to it, between the character design and nearly identical status menus, that make it pretty clear that there's EarthBound fans at ArtePiazza. And the game's receiving exactly the same kind of reception EarthBound did back in 1995, shunning, anger at the suggestion that it's worth playing in response to its graphics, and all. It's uncanny, really.

That said, I'm a longtime EarthBound fan. I rented the game when it first came out in 1995, then spent some time saving up for a preowned copy with a fairly beaten up guide - which I may not even have anymore, sadly, though the cart's still around. I fell in love with the game, its old school Dragon Quest style gameplay mixed with amazing music and surreal humor, and it's been my treasure ever since it first entered my collection back then.

Rocket said...

Glad to see you like Earthbound too Benjamin :)

As well as being an RPG, Earthbound is like a really nice point n' click adventure. There's so much to check out and so much wonder filled in everything that it seems unjustified to simply call it an RPG. But it's my 3rd favourite RPG ever.

Maxi said...

I found this link earlier.

It basically shows all the history on Earthbound in one convenient spot.

Greg Meyer said...

Earthbound is a game that means a lot to me. Like some others, I was interested in the game when Ness appeared in Smash Brothers. I managed to track a copy down before they got too expensive and played through it. If I could only keep one game in my collection, it would be Earthbound.