Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well, well, well... E3 2010.

What were your hopes? What were your dreams?

Doesn't matter - they all just came true at Nintendo's conference.

Let me give you my impressions.

The Bad:
-Zelda's control. I hope there is a good explanation for why that didn't work on stage and I have faith it will work fine at home.
-Kirby's design in the game. I love Kirby's usual look. I love the way that game looks. I just wish the normal Kirby appeared in that awesome looking game! The yarn Kirby is a little sad for me.

The Good:

Kid Icarus!? YES!!!
Donkey Kong Country!? YES!!!
Prof Layton!? YES!!!

Bye bye, wallet, it was nice knowing you!

What do you guys think?


Maxi said...

It was mention that the Wireless was the problem.To much interference. I have only seen the Zelda part of the conference but the Graphics are a mix of Windwaker and Twilight Princess. Kinda bummed about the 2011 date but there is lots to look forward to the coming months.

Benjamin Fennell said...

Sentiments echoed. I felt emotionally drained after watching the conference. No Xenoblade or The Last Story - I'm sure we'll see them both out here next year anyway - and none of the uber-niche stuff I was hoping for, but Nintendo more than made up for that by blowing me away with Zelda, the 3DS, and all the new surprises. They really have created something in the 3DS that can disrupt the DS. Makes me even more excited to see what disrupts the Wii.

I got a very strong, distinct, "It's over for the competition" feel from the presentation, too. Reggie came out swinging against the crap usually spouted about the Wii, and he, Miyamoto, and Iwata delivered the goods in so many ways. Pretty much the only game shown that I wasn't interested in was Just Dance 2.

Benjamin Fennell said...

I got a sort of arcadey Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Earth Defense Force/Zangeki no Reginleiv vibe from the Kid Icarus combat in the footage too - reminded me of why I loved StarFox Assault where many didn't. Flying high into the sky over huge battlefields, all those enemies. The 3DS debut for that's the kind of revival I hadn't even dreamed of.

Maxi said...

Ah reading over impressions of Zelda it was the interference and should work perfectly fine Crashman at your house.

Maxi said...

Just watched the Kirby Epic Yarn trailer and it is nice looking.

M. Ferreira said...

I have to admit that I spent most of the conference with this huge dopey grin. Everything, from the formal Goldeneye announcement, to Donkey Kong Country 4, to Kirby, to Golden Sun 3 (which looks a LOT like Wild Arms 3 visually, wouldn't you agree?) and Epic Mickey just had me floored.

I have to admit that I really like the Kirby aesthetic, too. It was unique, but it worked well.

More than anything, the only game I really wasn't thrilled with was Just Dance 2.

Rocket said...

I spent most of the conference screaming with joy at my computer monitor. Especially at the new Donkey Kong Country! That came out of nowhere!

I'm feeling very happy. Nintendo knows how to make it exciting and entertaining.

Zelda delivers on all counts! I'm really glad it has a bit of colour this time round. I'm really looking forward to bowling bombs!

Too much greatness to mention right now and we haven't even seriously looked at all the RPGs that are coming. The awesomeness and big new announcements will continue at this show guys!

I disagree Crashman! Kirby looks fab!

Maxi said...

Well the Nintendo channel has all the videos from the conference.As well as the Iwata Asks that were shown on the e3.nintendo.com site during the conference.

Thoughts on the 3DS everybody?

Greg Meyer said...

I think it's an understatement to say this was an amazing conference! As a 2D platforming fan, I couldn't be happier with the output from Nintendo. The Kirby game looks so flipping beautiful. Donkey Kong Country Returns also looks like it's going to be a blast to play. Disney Epic Mickey also has me very excited.

While The Last Story and Xenoblade were missing, I'm not afraid of them getting passed over. I think there was just so much to show today that they had to make some tough choices.

Also, Paper Mario 3DS! Very excited over the support 3DS will have. Monster Hunter please?

Maxi said...

I am excited about the support for the 3DS. I think this is the first time that Nintendo has had a strong 3rd party presense at launch of a system.