Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hey, gang. I found a little time to hop online, found this, and thought I should share.

Unlike the author, I don't think there was ever reason to let the Wii gather dust, but I post his article because it is the epitome of what this site hopes for: a day when "hardcore" gamers chill out, open their eyes, and realize that quality gaming comes in more than just HD resolutions.

So thanks, Jim. Even though you're getting a lot of flak in the comments. You've done the right thing.



Maxi said...

You know I never felt that the Wii lacked in games. I still have a backlog of games I need to get that goes back to 2007. The Wii has lots of variety as far as genres go.

I think the idea that "there are no games to play on Wii" has to do with people not having an open mind. The Wii itself is about trying new things. I mean if you aren't up to trying new things why does one have a Wii?

Unknown said...

If I wasn't interested in the wii functionality of the controllers, I would be totally into the backlog of Digital Content available. I actually know a few people in this category and they are about 50 or so and run the best classic game shop around.

I was looking for the really kewl generic dust buster header sucking up dust off of a nes cartridge or something.

Maxi said...

You do have a point. I myself was interested in the Virtual Console when it was announced partly because it was going to offer games that were not on Nintendo systems.

I take it these 50 year olds used to play games and lost interest in games before the Wii?

JodeciDeion:TheWon said...

Sorry I know the title is meant to capture the readers attention. There is still a better way to go by it. Instead following the me too bull that ever other site has passed on. Since the Wii was launched in 06. Not enough Nintendo games. They fixed that. Not enough 3rd Party games! They fixed that! So now what! Not too many kind of games We "the Hardcore" Like! This year Nintendo and the Wii has fixed that! Let the people who hate hate! The will eventually die out, or get bored. Due to the lack of attention they get.