Saturday, April 17, 2010

WAD vs. NWR Conduit showdown!!

That's right, friends! Today is the big Wii Are Deep vs. Nintendo World Report Conduit showdown!!

And by "showdown" we mean entirely friendly set of matches that is not even designed to determine a winner. How much friendlier can you get!?

But it is designed to produce fun! And I think that's a great output.

Game times are at 2PM EST today and 11PM EST tonight. Join the site Chat or hop on the Forums to get involved!!

[UPDATED 9:45PM] Here are the rosters...

WAD: CrashMan, Arkia, BwrJim, G.Scout and special guest, Gaubot.
NWR: Maxi (I know, it's cool), Mop_it_up (I know, it's cool), and bustin98.


Anonymous said...

I am way out of practice for sure. But still a lot of fun on the first part. time to practice while the wife is away.


Maxi said...

I really preform better in team matches. It just works better for me.

Mop_it_up said...

Arkia cheats!

Maxi said...

Well I hope we can get a 12 player friend match going in the future.