Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Difference? Maybe. Noticed? Yup!

So there have been some murmurs that we might finally get some news about the long-announced Dragon Quest X for the Wii.

The (sometimes) good folks over at Kotaku ran this story and ran it in a very objective, professional manner. Observe: [link]

Now, if you look over many of the initial comments, you'll find plenty of non-Wii gamers whining and complaining about why this (presumably awesome) game is coming exclusively to the Wii.

I was immediately reminded of an online cartoon I once saw, and though I couldn't find that cartoon in a quick google search, I crafted a comment that embodied the message of that cartoon.

Well, cool as he is, the Kotaku user "Justinzero" appreciated my comment enough to post it on his blog. You can find Justin's blog, and my comment, here: [link]

If you look in the comments on Kotaku, you'll see that several people (including Justin) agreed with what I had to say. So did I make a difference? Well, it's really hard to make a difference on the internet, right? But did some people sit up and take notice? Yup. And that's the first step, is it not? I mean, that's why I even bother posting at a place like Kotaku ... in the hopes someone will notice enough to feel like maybe their minority view isn't so minor.

The only way gaming journalism and game culture will change is if enough people are brave enough to open their mouths and ask for it.

It's no fun, but I try to do my small part. Do you?


Maxi said...

I do try to speak out. I am not a real confrontational person in real life so this is outside of the norm for me.

You could of posted that picture that you posted on the forums here Crashman. :)

NinSage said...

Well that's just the thing, I couldn't find the image online.

I do have it saved on my computer... perhaps I'll upload it next time this comes up - I'm sure we won't have to wait too long =P

Maxi said...

I was talking about the image you posted in the "culture of gaming" section of the forum.In the topic "Best picture ever":)

Anyway I think that there needs to be more people fighting against these types of things.
Glad you made the site Crashman.:)

NinSage said...

Holy cow! That's the image!!

I completely forgot making that post!! ^_^