Sunday, November 22, 2009

which console runs on smiles?

so, we've started playing through the Kingdom Hearts games (I never beat the 2nd game - no spoilers!) and a thought keeps crossing my mind.

let's pretend no Kingdom Hearts games were ever released until the Wii.

let's pretend the first KH game was on the Wii.


"wtf!! why did Nintendo f*** up my Square games with f***ing Mickey Mouse bullsh*t?!"

"oh yea, Haley Joel Osment, that's who I want to play as... way to go, Nintendo!

"they gave Aerith's voice to Mandy Moore!?"

"they gave SEPHIROTH's voice to LANCE BASS!?!?!?"

I just got done playing the first part of the game. it ends with Sora looking sad before embarking on his quest. but Donald informs him that this will not do because "this ship runs on smiles."

could you even imagine if this franchise debuted on the Wii?? the gaming villagers would be at Nintendo's door with torches and pitch-forks.

but somehow, in the PS2 era (not so long ago) this was acceptable. in fact, it was (and is) downright awesome!!

so what the hell happened, gamers!?


I absolutely shudder to think what the Cammy Dunaway photoshop jobs would look like if the line "this ship runs on smiles" debuted on the Nintendo Wii.


bear in mind, I friggin' love Kingdom Hearts and see nothing wrong with any of the above factoids about the game.

but it floors me to think about the double standard for the Wii in terms of gaming content.

ok, you guys discuss.....

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BlackArmorTails said...

The hypocrisy present in these "Hardcore" gamer Nazis is so deplorable, it's not even funny. They don't want any "kid friendly" characters on a Nintendo console, but a Sony or Microsoft console is JUST FINE, considering LittleBigPlanet looks like something from a PBS Kids TV show, yet it's a great PS3 exclusive due to user-made levels and characters. Same thing could be said for Viva Pinata on the XBOX 360, looks like a kids show, plays like a gamer's game.

I also scoff at the fact that these Nationalsozialismus types that you would find on websites like IGN and GameSpot give the Wii a bad image because "it's a kiddy console", when it has it's share of games for all audiences, both young and old. Not only that, but Nintendo gets the flak for introducing Disney characters when it was all Square's doing. How blind and hypocritical can these people be?