Tuesday, November 24, 2009


the About the Author section has been updated to be a little more user-friendly.

I have a bunch of new content for the Little Big Perspective.

expect to see that live sometime in the next week.


Maxi said...

Nice work on the site Crashman.
I like how you every so often you change the games on the front page.

NinSage said...

thanks, buddy.

you may have noticed but the front page will reflect new/forthcoming Wii games on a monthly/quarterly basis.

Maxi said...

Yep that is what I was refering to.

Keep up to good work.:)

Greg Meyer said...

I was sad to see Blob and Muramasa go, but at the same time I think it's cool you're keeping up with new releases. Looking forward to the TvsC and Fragile combo. Keep up the great work, Crashman!