Sunday, November 15, 2009

this is why the site exists.

so we're in GameStop again this morning. just perusing the used games to see if any deals have trickled in.

having found none, we were on our way out when I see some pictures from Epic Mickey pasted on the counter-top. "wwwwait a minute" I said to Amy "I haven't seen some of these before."

so I stopped and started leafing through the pictures. the GameStop employee comes up to us. it's the same employee that asked if I had any PS3 games to pre-order when I pre-ordered Muramasa and Metroid Prime Trilogy. so she sees I'm looking at Epic Mickey and goes "yea, looks like they might make a good Wii game for once."

I just laughed to myself and said "yea... I like good Wii games."

in my head I thought "if I can go grab a dozen indisputably good Wii games off that shelf right now, will you promise to never say that again?"

but arguing with one GameStop employee will only make things worse. we can do more good here.

so, let's spread the word, and let's make some changes so this doesn't have to happen anymore.


Unknown said...

Ignorant people will always exist. Can't do much about those types of people.

NinSage said...

yea, I hear ya, SP.

thanks for the comment, buddy.

Unknown said...

Lets not forget that she might of also been playing off of your searching for PS3 Games. So, while she may of inadvertently have done a decent sales analysis of you, she failed on the execution. She forgot the previous games you bought and really, didnt realize that if SOMEONE is looking at something for a wii. DO NOT SLAM THE CONSUMER with your ideas of the systems library. Take a look at where her customer was looking and see relate that game to other games that may be currently out on the system they are looking into.

So once again, gamestop fails to do any training what so ever with their employees.

Was she at least cute?

NinSage said...


thanks for the comment, man.

read again though, I wasn't ever lookin' over PS3 games =P

she was just sort of interjecting PS3 into the conversation.

and no, not cute.

Zero Tolerance said...

I walk into GS looking at Wii games, and nobody ever says anything to me...ever. Not about the Wii, anyway. Last time I bought a game from GS, it was Mario Galaxy. They mentioned some other game that was out or coming out, and I said that I didn't own a PS3/60. They said something like, "you don't know what you're missing."

Yes, I do. GS as a company has completely forsaken the PC market. YOU don't know what your store is missing.