Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rocket's Adventures in MH3U Part 4: Collecting, collecting, collecting, RUNNING!

So after I got someway comfortable with the controls I set out to get rid of the exclamation marks above the villagers heads by fulfilling their unfulfilled needs. I get some raw meat, I pick some mushrooms and herbs, I learn how to mine. I try to go through this part of the game as quickly as possible... and in my impatience I forget about one very important thing...

I take on yet another seemingly mundane mission about gathering resources. After a little bit of research from the literature I buy from the gal with the goods, I follow my lead to the very same area where I fought the Plesioth in the demo. After that stressful battle it felt weird being here doing something so normal. I dive into the water and gather what's asked of me. I then find myself short so I continue further into the next watery area.

*DUN!* sounds a dramatic, yet familiar, sound effect.

I immediately get this frantic text message on my magical monhun mobile tutorial telephone, telling me to get out of there because this gigantic creature called Lagiacrus had noticed me and I wasn't at all ready to face it yet. I hurried back into the previous water area.

The creature followed me!

All of a sudden the music from the Plesioth battle started playing. I swam back to shore as fast as I could, spotting the last bit of resources along the way. I quickly gathered the last of what was required and hightailed it out of the water. The running animation on my avatar changed to look like something from Tom & Jerry. It was hysterical!

On fleeing back to camp and delivering my stuff into the red box, I realised that important thing I had forgotten earlier: I forgot to actually have fun with this game; I forgot to chill out and enjoy the world that was having me.

I returned to the village. I bought a pair of binoculars.

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