Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rocket's adventures in MH3U Part 3: Teething stress & fatigue

My adventure begins by meeting the people of Moga Village. Having to talk to so many people and learning about the services they provide is tiring but I have to start somewhere I guess.

After all the introductions and yapping I head out into the woods. I then get all these mini text messages at the bottom of the screen telling me about the various controls and customisations. I navigate the labyrinth of menus to put the map, monster target and various other things on the bottom screen.

As soon as I move around I have to go back into the options menu to change the camera controls to "Flip X+Y". This is the type of camera I used during the N64 era and I'm too tired to focus on anything else right now.

Why are default camera controls in games nowadays completely backwards to the way they were during the N64 days?? The standard was set back then!

Now I'm grumpy as well as tired. Thank goodness the first couple of tasks only involve picking mushrooms and herbs.

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