Thursday, August 19, 2010

Knock Knock.

Who's there?

Looks like things have really died down in my absence. Especially on the forum.

Is it just the summer lull?

Well, in any case, if you're around, post here and make it known!

Let us know what you would like to see the site do next? What's on your gamer mind these days? Talk it up!


Anonymous said...

i try and i try, but they just arnt chatty..


Benjamin Fennell said...

I mostly just comment here, haha. Been spending a lot of time paying attention to gaming news on blogs and participating in some Wii and 3DS discussions in comments over on Nintendo Everything, and otherwise working on getting through Zack & Wiki and trying to reduce my DS backlog. Took the time to 100% a couple of games I'd already beaten with remaining postgame content the other week, too. Relatively quiet times lately.

Rocket said...

Welcome back Crashman! Are you posting my recom soon?

What would you think of hosting a webcomic now and again?

I'll try and stir up a discussion or two on the forums.

Maxi said...

Sorry everybody I have been busy with some things. My gaming time has been on Monster Hunter Tri.I blame it for my absence.

Anonymous said...

oh geez, wanna hear a heartbreak story.

Wii Graphic card died. So we got a shiny black wii now. NO SAVES.


actually, thats not a bad thing. still though, MONSTER Hunter, and all are gone and now I have new friend codes and all that..

I will say one thing though, we took that wii to hell and back so it had a good life. Sad part? all my VC and wiiware titles are gone. I could send it to nintendo but they want money for it since its out of warrenty. and the saves are not worth it.

But we have been waiting on this torney of bugs to move on.


Greg Meyer said...

I've been working on some late school projects. When I wasn't pulling my hair over them, I worked on finishing A Boy and His Blob. I just recently picked up Dragon Quest IX, and I've been pretty impressed with it. Other than that, I've been reading for entertainment as a way to relax.

Also got to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Anyone who is a gamer should check that film out. It's a lot of fun.

NinSage said...


Glad to see so many people still around!

I've been playing DQ9 lately and love it. Too bad there's no online multiplayer =\

I just saw Scott Pilgrim last night. I was SO impressed with that film on so many levels. I had never read the comics but the movie was amaaaaaazing. I'm definitely going to buy it when it comes out on DVD (suck it, BluRay!)

Anyway, I'm busy preparing for our wedding reception this weekend (yea, we do everything out of order) and after that I'll be returning to MH3 in time for the Bad Omen event(!!!) on the 30th.

And after that? Maybe Other M?

I preordered it yesterday because I'm a sucker for artbooks. But I prolly won't be playing it right away.

Benjamin Fennell said...

A shame on DQ9's lack of online multiplayer indeed. Perhaps we'll see it in 10. I just bought 9 today at long last, and once I get Arc Rise Fantasia, I'll pretty much be in old school JRPG heaven. I can't do DS online though, sadly, since I've got a WPA security setup for my wireless network. Gotta wait till the 3DS hits for a return to portable online play after I had previously at least been able to enjoy Animal Crossing and Mario Kart online years ago. If I had full online access for my DS, I'd at least be more tempted to buy a copy of Pokemon Black, too, not having bought any new version of Pokemon since Sapphire, since the sort of Nintendo answer to Live and PSN social networking and stat sharing plus virtual life aspects coming to Pokemon Black and White have me thinking we're seeing a bit of an exciting preview there for a more open, elaborate online service for Nintendo's systems launching as a standard with the 3DS and partially on the Wii through a firmware update and channel - it'd make sense, especially considering how overdue we are for a new channel in the west, and how long it's been since we saw a substantive firmware update that wasn't just another anti-piracy/background framework improvement update.

I just saw Scott Pilgrim tonight too! And I'm also buying the DVD, as I don't own an HDTV and have zero interest in BluRay myself. Whole format's kind of a huge ripoff. Can't wait for the DVD, though. I'm only two books into the comics, having started those back in July, but I'm really enjoying them too. Not the deepest, but none of it needs to be - just stylish, nerdy fun with so many glorious Nintendo references. Ubisoft just needs to get to work porting the Scott Pilgrim game to WiiWare already. Considering the differences in Mega Man 9 and 10's HD and Wii release file sizes, it shouldn't be a problem to compress the Scott Pilgrim game to fit comfortably on WiiWare so it can finally be made available to fans of the company whose nerdy references MADE the series and movie in so many ways. Making it an initial HD exclusive at all makes zero sense.

Congrats on the wedding stuff, at any rate.

NinSage said...


You always have very intelligent things to contribute.

That is all.


Benjamin Fennell said...

I try. :D