Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DSi and DSiXL to receive price decreases on September 12th

Starting September 12th the DSi and DSiXL will lower in price.

DSi will be $149.99 from its current price of $169.99.

The DSiXL will cost $169.99 from its current price of $189.99.

The DS Lite will remain at $129.99.

Anybody going to grab a DSi or DSiXL when this price cut happens?

Are you going to wait for the 3DS instead?

I don't have a DSi yet. If anybody does what would be good software from the DSi shop?


Benjamin Fennell said...

I don't have a DSi yet, but I'm just going to wait for the 3DS and hope that most if not all of the DSiWare will be available on the 3DS shop.

Of interest to me: the Art Style games (Especially Aquia, Boxlife, and Pictobits), X-Scape, Aura-Aura Climber, Dark Void Zero, Dragon Quest Wars, Escapee Go!, Legends of Exidia, Soul of Darkness, the upcoming episodic Shantae games, Oregon Trail, Mighty Flip Champs, Photo Dojo, Pop Plus Solo, WarioWare Snapped, and Face Pilot (Which reminds me of Pilotwings), off the top of my head. There's quite a few appealing DSiWare games out, and I have a feeling that when the 3DSWare launches along with the 3DS, we'll have more to rival WiiWare in the handheld gaming sphere.

NinSage said...

Thanks for sharing the news, Maxi.

Like Ben, I'll also be holding off for the 3DS.

The XL is appealing.... maybe someday I'll trade in my DS lite for one. But other than that it's 3DS all the way.