Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rocket's adventures in MH3U Part 6: So tasty!

I finally found something I truly enjoy about this game and that's cooking well-done steak! It's kind of a mini-game where you're turning a spit and pressing a button at just the right moment. If you press too early you get rare steak and if you press too late you get burnt steak, neither of which are that good at raising stamina.

However, if you press at just the right time you get well-done steak along with a passionate lady's voice sample going "So tasty!". I love it. It's how I like my steak done in real life too. You get the biggest stamina boost from this.

So I'm standing at the top of some waterfall looking around with my binoculars. I hear these cat things with backpacks nearby minding their own business and man... it's just nice hanging out like this... and eating well-done steak.

My inventory's bursting with loads of seemingly useless junk but I grab it anyway because I just don't know if it's gonna be useful or not. It's probably not the best way of doing things and by now I have a gigantic hoard of.... whatever.

I like those cats though. Their relatives near the bay I thought were ok too but the minute they stole something from me... DEATH. I beat the nine lives out of them and got my useless stuff back. That'll show 'em!

After a while of not doing much but collecting and hanging out I get an opportunity to do missions in a new area, a desert! When you're going there, stock up on some refreshing drinks.

I picked the first mission of the area which pretty much said to just hang out in the area for as long as I liked. Is this game adjusting to my thinking? I explored the desert and came across these weird sand shark things which were pretty cool. There was also an old guy whom I kept asking to give me stuff until he told me to get lost.

I then got a mission to take on my first big monster! It was a bigger version of those little ankle bitey things that gang up on you and puff themselves out. They all look like that dinosaur that spat all over Newman in Jurassic Park.

It wasn't too difficult, just kept cool with cool drinks, kept healthy with megapotions and kept a high stamina with well-done steaks and a lot of attacking.

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