Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pure Nintendo Kickstarter

There is 5 days left in the kickstarter found here

As many know Nintendo Power is ending at the end of the year and there is a kickstarter found above.

Here is the levels for the kickstarter at this point in time.

$10 That will get you a P-wing logo sticker.
$20 That will get you a full year (6 issues) of Pure Nintendo Magazine.
$30 This is limited to 10 backers. 7 are taken so far. 3 are left.That will give you the $40 reward tier which is a full year for them and one of their friends.
$40 This will give you and a friend a full year of Pure Nintendo Magazine.
$50 You will get a shout out in the magazine a full year of the magazine and a Pure Nintendo polo.
$100 Limited to 50. 44 remaining. You get both a Pure Nintendo Hoodie and a Pure Nintendo T-Shirt along with a full year of Pure Nintendo Magazine.
$200 Limited to 50. 49 remaining. A Pure Nintendo hoodie and a Pure Nintendo polo and a full year of Pure Nintendo Magazine.
$300 Giving this amount you get a P-wing sticker,hoodie,polo,T-shirt, and a full year of Pure Nintendo Magazine.
$350 Finally for this amount you get a full page ad, a hoodie, and all the items from the $20 and $50 levels.

By the looks of things by their updates and posts this is having the backing of  Nintendo. They will be working with Nintendo closely to get exclusive content found no where else.They will also focus just as much as NP did on third party content maybe even more for the 3DS and WiiU. Also they mentioned that it will be different from their online site as far as content goes so.

At this point in time there is $11,251 of 20,000 of the goal met. So spread it around and donate if you can. Once again the link to the kickstarter can be found here. here

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