Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fell Off the Poke-Wagon

Hello. My name is NinSage. And I've started playing more Pokemon.

That's right. My (quasi)abusive relationship (detailed here) with Pokemon officially continues.

Am I playing the advanced copy of Black and/or White that Nintendo sent me to preview and blog about? No, because as of yet I am not that important. =P

Instead, I'm finally giving a real go to the copy of SoulSilver I picked up ... a while ago. So far I haven't even beaten the first Gym Leader (just about to challenge him though!), but I am enjoying it.

It seems that by blind luck I started just in time to collect the legendary cats(?) from the Nintendo WiFi. Which is cool because I've never had any of them before.

Anyway, I'll keep you all posted on my "training" and I'm sure there will be some battles/trades in the not too distant future.

What's up with you, Pokemon Trainers?

Anyone scrounging pennies for Black or White? Anyone still busy with one of the previous Generations like I am?


Maxi said...

Well I still can't find my DSlite so I haven't been playing pokemon. However when I pick up the 3DS in the future I'll be able to play them. 3DS is backwards compatable with DS titles. At any rate I'm starting to warm up to the Black and White games. Been thinking about different teams. Speaking of Pokemon the new season of the anime started and I've watched the first 2 episodes on youtube. It seems like they are going back to the begining of the anime series for inspiration.Lots of similar things between the new and first series.

NinSage said...

You know, I've only seen four or five episodes of the anime. It seemed fine but, like many successful animes, it was far too big and drawn out for me to ever get on board.

however, I reeeeeeeaally enjoy the movies. they are self-contained and cover a darn good chunk of the Generations on their own.

so yea, good stuff.

isn't there another Pokemon movie due out in English fairly soon?

Maxi said...

Well the Zoroark movie was just on the Cartoon Network a few days ago. You might be able to find it on youtube.

CM30 said...

Well, if you buy Pokemon Black and White and wait a while, you could watch the Best Wishes series of the anime, because it's remarkably self contained and might as well be a reboot of the whole thing.

I stopped playing Pokemon and moved back to games like Mario a few years ago, so while I have sort of morbid curiosity to see what changed in Pokemon Black and White, it's not exactly a game I'd buy. I do remember trying to capture those legendary 'beasts' (I don't know if they're cats or dogs either, although I always heard them referred to as dogs in the strategy guides), and all I can remember was basically that Suicune was easy to catch, Raikou took near forever and I accidentally caused Entei to get lost forever when I wiped it out in one hit with a level 50 odd Gyrados, likely overestimating it's defence stats. Count yourself somewhat lucky that the remakes bring back KOed legendaries after you beat the Elite Four again or something, because it weren't like that a few generations back.

coffeewithgames said...

"What's up with you, Pokemon Trainers?"

I think I've mentioned it here before(not sure), but I have never played a Pokemon game at any length...maybe 1 or 2 minutes on a store demo.