Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crystal Gazing

I'm thinking about Nintendo's future. But first, let's dissect Nintendo's 2010.

Nintendo made 2010 one of the best years in video game history.

... hm... that didn't take very long. Seriously though, odds are, as you're reading this, you are still knee-deep in awesome games from 2010 on Nintendo platforms. I don't need to list them, I'm sure you're all aware of the usual suspects. Currently, my wife and I are thoroughly enjoying DKCR. It's haaaaaard - and we're only on world two!!

So, with such a monumental 2010, can 2011 possibly stack up? I don't care! Since most Nintendo consoles are not DLC-based, I know that these awesome games don't have an expiration date. And I don't know about you, but I didn't have enough time to play every 2010 game I wanted to in 2010.

But really, what's up Nintendo's sleeve for 2011? Well, the obvious is the 3DS and Skyward Sword. Thoughts? My laptop recently died. And with it, my 3DS fund =\ SooOOOooo I might not be living in the third dimension for some time now. But that doesn't stop you! Will you be snapping up a 3DS when it's released? Which launch games are on your radar? What will you do with your DS at that time? Trade it in? Keep it for sentimental/collection purposes?

What's on your Wii radar? I know I don't expect Skyward Sword until the Fall myself. I'm currently having to fight my own rational thought to keep from buying Lost in Shadow even though I have half a dozen new games still to play. For the near future, I reeeeeeeeally hope we get some word on a Last Story localization.

Other than that? 2011 is alllll bonus as far as I'm concerned. These are good times, my gamers, soak it in!

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Michael Janssen-Gibson said...

Having only just purchased a wii, I feel I picked a good year and have been very busy building a collection. Of course that also means there is a big back catalogue, and given I am still working through ds games I can't see the 3ds being high on the priority list...this year ;-)