Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday Super Mario Bros!

Today back in 1985 the first Super Mario Bros game was released on the Famicom;short for Family Computer. Since the release of the Super Mario Bros it has become a beloved character and a source of enjoyment for many people.

Here are some of my memories of Mario.

I remember playing Super Mario Bros and it was quite enjoyable.I had never seen this type of world before. It seemed like the flow of imagination from Shiguru Miyamoto was working on overdrive.

Back in the 80s to early 90's you could not go anywhere with out seeing something about the Mario Bros it was a thing to behold.I remember seeing The Wizard and to see the final game was Super Mario Bros 3 well it was to much for me.I was overjoyed.

Another memory I have is playing with my nephew in Super Mario Kart. It was enjoyable seeing him play. We would take turns playing the time trial and trying to beat each others scores. I also recall playing Mario Kart:Double Dash and having fun with the 2 racer system. I usually drove and I was okay with that.

We also played New Super mario Bros Wii when it came out.Very fun to play that.

In commemoration of the 25th Birthday of the Mario Bros is releasing a Super Mario Bros collection for the Wii.
It has the first 3 Super Mario Bros games and as well as the lost levels game.In addition to that there is going to be a Music CD encompasing music from all of the Mario games from SMB to Galaxy 2.Also there is going to be a book I think of all kinds of things about the Super Mario Bros. At this time the collection is only for Japan and is a limited release.
I'm going to guess that Nintendo will have this for the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros in the USA.
So any memories of Mario or maybe something you might want to tell us that not many people might know about Mario.

Let me know.:)


Greg Meyer said...

I'll always remember the first Christmas I had Super Mario Brothers. I got it along with Duck Hunt and the NES Zapper. It was such a hard game, and gaming was already a pretty new experience for me. Every new world I made it to was an achievement and milestone. Super Mario Brothers was also one of the few games I would play with my parents, so I'll always remember that.

Maxi said...

Yeah I remember playing with my mom in Super Mario Bros. She couldn't really get that far but it was fun playing with her.

Greg Meyer said...

Those were the days when multiplayer meant watching one person play while waiting for your turn. Players wouldn't stand for that now.