Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

So today is America's Birthday.
What is everybody doing?
I am going to have barbecue chicken later and probably play Animal Crossing:City Folk later tonight.

In your part of the world do you celebrate anything on July 4th?

Do you have your own day for celebrating your countries birthday.

Let me know.:)


Benjamin Fennell said...

Nothing too special here. Slept in, had a good traditional cooked out meal, listened to fireworks outside in my neighborhood but couldn't find a good place to view any from a distance, attended some special online holiday events in Guild Wars, and now I'm playing some Rabbids Go Home since I picked that up the other day - some appropriately French gaming for America's birthday, haha.

Anonymous said...

Well, July 4th in Colorado was rain and hail, but the works still went off. We didnt go and see them, but today, the 5th my family and I went to Elitchs in Denver and had a blast. I just came home with my toddler while my wife and older 2 kids are staying to watch the fireworks tonight!

So, during the fourth, an old friend came over and I made my famous welching margaritas and got a bit stupid that night while my son played Monster Hunter and continued to work towards his goal of all lagiacrus armor and weapon. He also now favors the lance above all else atm.

So good times.. good times.


Greg Meyer said...

Hey Benjamin, I ended up playing an Ubisoft on the 4th as well. Except I was playing Prince of Persia for 360 instead of Rabbids Go Home. I still have to pick Rabbids up, it looks fun.

I had a nice bbq with my parents besides gaming. My wife is out of town at the moment, so that was the only downer.

Benjamin Fennell said...

Nice. I just finished another Ubisoft game - Dawn of Discovery - on the Wii last month, too. Another worth playing. I definitely recommend Rabbids. Reminds me of Katamari a bit, and it fits in well with the Wii's other semi-Katamari-esque or Katamari-influenced games (Elebits, Tornado Outbreak, The Munchables, de Blob). It definitely especially reminds me of de Blob though too, in that it's a very non-traditional platformer at heart, with a heavy focus on collecting things and affecting the environment around you. The most Katamari-esque part of it is the thrill of creating chaos for the humans all around you in it - Ubisoft, Michel Ancel, and all did a great job with the game. It's not very hard, but the fun more than makes up for that - the environmental and visual design is brilliant, as is the use of ambient music, and the overall experience is pretty thrilling.

Greg Meyer said...

You've listed the very reasons why I want to play Rabbids. I love games with humor, and it looks like it's full of it. Also, creating chaos is fun. It's one of the reasons I love de blob so much.