Tuesday, January 12, 2010

official shirt of WiiAreDeep? =P

I just may need to pick one of these up.


I've always liked the original "coexist" image - y'know the one with a slightly more important message.


but this tshirt really kinda gets at the heart of my gaming ideals. and that's pretty bad-ass.

in other news: No More Heroes is an awesome game. I'm just getting around to playing it in preparation for NMH2. for the first 30 minutes into the game I was like: "erm... how much trade-in value could I get for this?" but slowly, the quirkiness and characters started to grow on me. and right now? I'm really diggin' it.

I definitely don't think the game is for everyone - but what game is? well, NSMBWii. but ASIDE from that? well... Mario Kart Wii........ ok nevermind. ^_^

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Maxi said...

I loved the first when it came out.I beat it on all the difficulties. Also make sure you get all the beam Katana upgrades.