Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Morgan Webb? 100% wrong.

this is just beyond comprehension. check out Morgan's report on Ratchet&Clank and her evaluation of Super Mario Galaxy by comparison.


watched it? good. let's summarize:

R&C - has shooting and belching fish gun - thus - it's for adults.
SMG - is on the Wii, thus it is insulting for adults and just for kids.

G4 used to be for gamers. now it's for fratboys that play PS3/60s. that's sad, and I believe it will eventually kill their ratings until their doors close for good.

just imagine if they could tap into Nintendo's audience... shouldn't THAT be part of their marketing strategy!?


Greg Meyer said...

I'm so glad you brought this up. I can't believe someone would say that! Everyone's free to their own opinions and taste, but Super Mario Galaxy is a masterpiece. It's always the first game I show people on Wii. I've yet to meet a person who isn't blown away by it.

Maxi said...

I am going to have to agree with Greg. It is an outstanding game. I suspect she said that to draw hits. The game is a great example of what a game is meant to be.

NinSage said...

it truly saddens me that gaming media would/probably does these things just to "draw hits."

if that is your motivation then you shouldn't be in this business!!

sadly, the reality of capitalism is probably exactly why she IS in this business =\

Arkia said...

And the blatant Wii hate gets less subtle...

Honestly I used to love G4 back when they first merged with Tech TV. Now, as you've said, it seems more targeted towards fratboys than anyone else. They've pretty much gone the way of MTV.

I think the last time I watched G4 was for this years E3 coverage, and even that was aweful at moments.

*On a side note: I had to write this with IE because the verification image won't show up in Firefox D:*

NinSage said...


well said. we'll all have to go what we can to fix things.

also, I'm on Firefox and it works fine. perhaps update your firefox??

NinSage said...

also, the three things G4 is good for....

1. Ninja Warrior

2. anything related to The King of Kong.

3. the live broadcasts of the E3 pressers.... their commentary is useless because they are either covering PS3/60 games or asking Wii devs why the game isn't on "one of the HD consoles"

Arkia said...

I have version 3.0.15. I'm pretty sure that's the most recent, so it's probably some settings I need to play around with.