Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday's Site Chat / Happy Father's Day!

Tonight's chat will proceed at the usual 6pm EST time for anyone who is available to participate.  I will be in the midst of some family gatherings for Father's Day as I'm sure others will as well.  So, if you can't make it, no biggie.  If you show up late (as I might), that's cool too!

Here's a video game/Father's Day memory from NinSage (that's me!).

Around the time Zelda II came out, I was reading through an issue of Nintendo Power that talked about Zelda I.  I saw how awesome it was but I had never played it aside from 10 minutes at a friend's house.  So I decided then and there "I want Zelda II!"

My mom was not around that day, no idea why.  So I asked my dad if he would take me to the store and buy it for me.  My dad had never purchased a game for me before, and hasn't since! haha!  Anyway, he had some yard work to do so he said if I went with him to the store, helped him load up the supplies and then helped in the yard, we could also pick up Zelda II while we were out.

I agreed to that deal and it was just really rewarding to do a little work for my game and also have one of the few times my dad's life crossed over with my gaming life =)

Happy Father's Day everyone!


Maxi said...

I didn't have much time with my father. I got into gaming after my mom and dad split up but he has tried to get in contact with me in recent years and it was kinda nice hearing from him.

chrisbg99 said...

My dad was a major contributing factor into my being a gamer as he was a geek growing up as well and introduced me to gaming with his Atari 2600. As I got older he didn't play games as much but he enjoyed them from time to time and he was usually the one who me and my brothers explained what games we wanted for birthday/christmas.