Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Limited Edition Confirmed for The Last Story

Well XSEED has confirmed that there is a limited edition for The Last Story. All preorders that have been made and and others up to the launch of the game will have the bonus.

Here is  XSEED forum topic about this.

Here is the Nintemple Forum topic for the game.

As for where you can preorder The Last Story.

Best Buy

For Brick and Mortar shops I am sure all of the above will work and these ones too.
Toys R Us.

Finally a trailer for the game.


chrisbg99 said...

My body (and preorder) is ready.

Evan said...

When the hell are they gonna give us a release date? I pre-ordered in early March, and haven't heard anything since then. Also, has anyone heard anything else about the possible Gamestop exclusive release of Pandora's Tower? This site had news about that in April, but there hasn't been anything since then.

NinSage said...


I was in GameStop today. TLS is apparently set for release on July 10th and there is still no further word on Pandora's Tower =\

If I get any more info, it will be on this site for sure!

Maxi said...

Even I haven't heard any offical word from XSEED I guess this is how they work with Limited editions. I have only heard Summer from them so far but most Retailers have a placeholder date around July 10th.

I haven't heard anything from my Gamestop about Pandora's Tower. I am guessing that they weren't suppose to let the info out yet. So it may be hard to get more info again.

Evan said...

Thanks for the updates NinSage and Maxi!

chrisbg99 said...

So has the game been postponed? Amazon is telling me it has been postponed to the 30th but Gamestop still has it for the 10th.