Tuesday, October 18, 2011

News: Capcom Announces Monster Hunter 3G's No Online Play

Source: GamePro

In an announcement that would be great as an April fools joke, Capcom has announced that the latest Monster Hunter adventure, Monster Hunter 3G, will not, (and I strongly emphasize the "not" part of this report) have online co-op capabilities. Sadly however we are not in April, and Capcom doesn't appear to be joking.

Yes it is indeed true. But as far having no online whatsoever, that's a different story. Capcom has confirmed that there will be content to download via the 3DS's online functionality. Of course that seems like a given nowadays for 3DS games, with developers making use of its SpotPass support.

Monster Hunter 3G is currently a Japan exclusive, but with this announcement of no online play, it is very possible that the chances of this selling or even releasing outside Japan have become extremely low. From someone who hasn't really played the series myself, I can't really determine how this decision by Capcom will effect the games overall quality. I do know however, thanks to my friends on this website, that part of  this series's appeal is the ability to play along and complete quests with friends. So with no online play, I find that particular enjoyment may be tampered with.

Monster Hunter 3G will be available in Japan come December, and will support the Nintendo Slide-Pad add-on.


Maxi said...

Well this is disapointing but as far as I can tell this is only for Japan. It does make sense in Japan since you could get fellow hunters while just stepping out in the world. Here it isn't that widespread as Japan and could benefit from online play.

Maxi said...
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