Sunday, September 11, 2011

Site chat today at 6pm EST.

Well I'm sure most everyone knows what today is. It is 9/11/2011 so we may talk a little about what happened 10 years ago on this day. Other then that we can talk about the 3DS event that happens on the 13th of September as well as the new 3DS games rumored recently.Such as A new Yoshi Platformer,Ace Attorney 5,Baten Kaitos 3.The developers behind the Wario Ware series also has a new game in the works. A new Etrain Odyssey game is in the works according to these rumors. There is also rumors that there will be demos on the e-shop of retail games.A new God Eater game will likely be announced at the 3DS event. The Silver Case will be moved from the DS to 3DS according to these rumors. Finally Mach Rider:Unchained is supposedly going to be announced at the 3DS event on the 13th.

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