Monday, September 12, 2011

3DS event times

Well for most of North America the 3DS event is going to be today. Here is a run down of times for the event from around the world.

North America
Monday,11PM,Eastern standard time.
Monday,10pm,Central standard time.
Monday,9pm,Mountain standard time.
Monday,8pm,Pacific standard time.
Monday,7PM,Alaska standard time.
Monday,5PM,Hawaii-Aluetian standard time.

Tuesday,4AM,British Summer time.
Tuesday,5AM, Central Eastern European Summer Time.
Tuesday,6AM, Eastern European Summer Time.

Australia/New Zealand
Tuesday,3PM,New Zealand Standard time.
Tuesday,1 PM,Australian Eastern standard time.
Tuesday,12:30 PM, Australian Central standard time.
Tuesday,11 AM,Australian Western standard time.

I'll probably be in the chat when it starts for me. I'm Pacific time. Oh also here is the link to the stream.

The first one doesn't require a log in but the second one does.I'll be watching the first one when the time comes.


Maxi said...

I know it is still early but I am in the chat right now.

NinSage said...

I'll be joining you!!