Saturday, July 16, 2011

Are You Part of the Operation?

Well, it's mid-July. Operation Rainfall's mail-in campaign is in full force. I've started sending mine and used my own twist on the mail-in items.


It's not the best photo (I took it on my DSiXL), but what we have hear is a plastic knife with "XENO" written on the blade. Then the page of a Nintendo Power (that I had doubles of) which talked about next month's story, so I made it "the last story." And finally, my pride and joy, I made a fold-out Eiffel Tower out of a cracker box and wrote "Pandora's" on it!

On my letter, I told Reggie about our site and how we've had less to talk about and play lately. I also traced the GameStop/Best Buy giftcards I received for my birthday and told Reggie that they are waiting for these games when/if they get localized!

So, I'm doing my best. What are you doing to help?


coffeewithgames said...

That's great work there, very creative!

I haven't done anything yet for the mail-in campaign, and don't know if I will at this point.

Mop_it_up said...

The one of these three games I'm particularly interested in is XenoBlade. The other two are a maybe, but if it weren't for the whole ordeal of them not being released here, I probably wouldn't have taken note of them at all.

With XenoBlade, I went as far as placing the game in my Amazon cart, ready to pre-order, before I backed out and decided that I likely wouldn't buy the game at launch. There are just too many other games coming out, and already out, that I want, most of which are higher up than this game. I probably wouldn't play it until the price dropped, so there'd be no point buying it straight away.

I don't want to be one of those people who wants these games only because they aren't coming here. And somehow, I don't think that sending NoA a letter stating "I'd buy these games once they hit $20, possibly used" is going to help matters any.

NinSage said...

"I'd buy these games once they hit $20, possibly used"

haha, that'd be pretty hilarious though!!

Yea, I think that if all three games came to America I would definitely get Pandora's Tower and TLS at launch. They just look like the right kind of game for me.

Xenoblade looks like a really well-done title. But yea, I don't think it is enough of my cup of tea that I would purchase it straight away. But eventually? For sure.

And since I (almost) never buy used, I'm sure Nintendo wouldn't mind having 20 of my dollars instead of zero.

Also, even if I 100% wasn't going to play any of these games, I think that enough OTHER gamers care so much that I want to help them out.

Mop_it_up said...

Helping people out is nice. However, this campaign is to show Nintendo the number of people who are interested in purchasing the titles, therefore only those who actually plan to buy XenoBlade at or near launch should participate.