Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 Running Commentary from NinSage - Microsoft

  • yay, call of shooter morefare.
  • wow. lara croft is so weak. must be sexist.
    game looks pretty cool though.
    I wish Lara wasn't constantly squealing like a female tennis player though.
  • Mass Effect 3
    The voice recognition stuff is really, really impressive.
    I would be so into the Mass Effect series if the protagonist didn't look and talk like a frat boy jock.
  • whoa! a bloody shooting game that shows off processor power! I'm shocked!
    seriously, though, it's Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Future Soldier.
    let's see how they are incorporating Kinect into this.
    (gotta say, I'm proud of MS for actually supporting Kinect. the technology really is very, very impressive.)
  • the user interface stuff is kinda meh. But, I'm wondering, their new "TV" service. does that REPLACE your current cable provider? like could someone cancel TimeWarnerCable and still watch cable on your XBox Live account? cuz for $60 a year that's a heck of a deal!!
  • Gears of War 85 featuring Ice-T (seriously). *yawn*
    "we need to blow his brains out his @$$!"
    ... and this is why gaming has trouble being taken seriously.
    all this technology and we're still just shooting huge aliens in their eyes because it's the "weak spot" - there's something comforting about that ^_^
    Ice-T says it's "bad @$$" so, I guess it must be.
  • spent a few seconds on a motion control game set in Roman times. and then...
  • right back to something comfy... a remake of Halo 1 =P
  • Forza 4. Microsoft: where guns and cars are all you need to be a man. =P
  • "Fable: The Journey" is a rail shooter version of Fable where you do the spells via Kinect gestures. I think that the concept is pretty cool. But, of course, the mainstream gaming media hates rail shooters, so let's see what they have to say...
    "McWhertor of Kotaku: This looks like Fable, the first-person shooter, casting cool spells with intricate motions... it looks like it works!"
    hmm... didn't notice the rails? how convenient.
  • MineCraft exclusively for XBox.
  • Disney Kinect game. Very lame actors. But the game looks like kids would love it.
  • Crowd goes wild for the Star Wars Kinect game. I'm not 100% certain how well it is working. The other Kinect games seriously worked. This one doesn't seem like it quite does.
  • A "Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster" Kinect game. Again, I'm sure Kids would highly enjoy it. But with the bad acting by the demonstrators I'm sure the mainstream media have a field day...
    "Crecente of Kotaku: I have to admit, I wish they had this sort of game when Tristan was younger. It seems like a wonderful way to play and learn with your kids."
    ... I just don't think Nintendo would get the same treatment.
  • That Kinect guy, Kudo, is out to talk about Kinect Fun Labs. Why does he talk exactly like Destin from ScrewAttack? =P
    They show off the avatar scanny thing. It seems to work quite well, but there's no way that shirt wasn't pre-programmed in the software, right?
    Kinect Finger Tracking shows more cool technological demos. Again, like with the Wii, it's not just that the device itself is awesome, but that the POTENTIAL they're demonstrating is awesome!
    This renaldo deal is, again, very impressive. Here what I don't understand, how does it remove the user's hands from the image? How does it know the depth of the object if you just show the front and back?
  • Kinect Sports Season 2. Golf looks golfy. Football looks ... something.
  • Dance Central 2. People who like dance games are sure to love it.
  • "Dawning of a new Trilogy" on 360. Could this be something NEW?!

    ... not... really... just starting a new Halo trilogy apparently.
    Halo 4. Crowd goes wild. =)
  • And that's the show!! See you guys at 8pm (right?) for Sony's presser!


Gwaihir Scout said...

I'm one of those people who plays Mass Effect with a female Shepard just because Jennifer Hale is a much better voice actor than the dude.

NinSage said...

Seems like a good call. I just feel like game protagonists are stuck in such a one-note rut this generation.

All the males look like frat-boy jocks and all the females look like playboy bunnies with a 'tude.

Obviously, Eastern gaming makes everyone look like an anime character with a run-way fashion sense =)

... these are generalizations of course, but we need more Leon Kennedys, Links, Zeldas, Travis Touchdowns and the guy from Red Steel 2. ^_^

PS - if given the choice between Western roid-heads or Eastern fashion toons? I'll take the stylish anime kids every time.