Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Worth Noting ...

1. I've been trying to tell people that the Wii was for gamers.  Glad this guy from Yahoo! thinks so too.

2. After watching this video with Warren Spector I gotta say, he is now up there with Jason Vandenberghe as the two best (non-Nintendo) developers I've heard speak.  Their heads and hearts just seem to be in absolutely the right places.  They aren't concerned with adhering to some "hardcore" image, they aren't trying to sell the consumer junk and tell them it's gold - they just want to give quality gaming experiences - and we reap the benefits!
ps - It's a little sad when Warren Spector has to appologize for being a Nintendo fan.

3. I think the author of this list hit some of his picks right out of the park.

Here's how I feel about the thought of these franchises making a come back:
14. Battletoads - YESSS!!!
13. Strider - YESS!!
12. Shinobi - if it's a continuation of the PS2 series? YESS!!
11. Legacy of Kain - ... no, thank you.
10. X-Wing/TIE Fighter - ... sure, why not.
9. Smuggler's Run - ... who?
8. Colony Wars - YESS!!
7. Panzer Dragoon - YES!
6. Killer Instinct - ... meh.
5. R.C. Pro Am - yea!
4. Wizards & Warriors - ... no, thank you.
3. Jumping Flash! - YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I flippin' loved that franchise!!
2. Mutant League - ... no, thank you.
1. Lost Vikings - ... no, thank you.


Greg Vs said...

I'd like to add Jet Set Radio to that list. There's a lot of potential for that series. Could you imagine an online game where you and your friends were in a gang and had to tag more areas than your rival gang? It would be pretty awesome.

NinSage said...

ahh yes! a thousand times yes!!!

that game alone will validate my future purchase of a Dreamcast.

but yea, JSR w/ multiplayer? co-op and/or competitive it would be soooooo fun.

*sigh* ... perhaps one day.

Benjamin Fennell said...

I'd imagine a Jet Set Radio game like that'd work really well on the 3DS, too, considering how much focus Nintendo's putting on social aspects in the system. I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of those aspects from tag mode with people affecting each others' game experiences bleeding into Nintendo's new online network too, and with Resident Evil: The Mercenaries, it's pretty clear we've finally got a network coming that'll be good for larger scale online co-op too. I'd imagine that with the WiiConnect24-esque sleep mode content downloads seemingly getting a lot more focus than WiiConnect24 has, it'd make it easy for people to send more data back and forth online to affect each others' games over a longer distance too, not unlike local tag mode data exchanges.

NinSage said...

I love the sound of those ideas, Ben.

now, one concern: when we keep hearing about awesome "tag mode" features I am quickly reminded of just how impossible it is for me to trade maps w/ DQ9's tag mode.

In other words, in America, people do not walk around densely populated areas with their DSs in tag mode!

My wife and I spent a whole day in Manhattan with our DSs waiting for maps and the only ones we got were from the Nintendo World Store employees =\

Now, granted, the 3DS will apparently be "tag-able" so long as the device is on, correct? Regardless of what game is in at the time, and regardless of what you're doing in that game at the time.

This is a massive step forward, however, I still don't know how many people I would cross paths with that will even have DSs on. And am I going to want to carry mine around everywhere just to find out?

What would be helpful, is some kind of "tag mode" that operated on wifi connections using IP addresses to collect data REGIONALLY, instead of just via direct contact.

... but I'm sure that plan is flawed stupendously. ah well, just thinking out loud.

EarthViper said...


Smuggler's Run, Lost Vikings and Legacy of Kain are all great franchises. :P

I for one am glad to see new life from all three of those.

NinSage said...

sorry, EV, just not my thing.

but by all means, when/if those franchises are revived, I'll be rooting for you!