Saturday, September 25, 2010

Here we go!!

Those immortal words of Mario have never been more true.

Right now it's late, I'm tired, and I have a cold. So I'm going to bed.

But I wanted to show everyone the new site!! What's the point of the new site? Well, we already talk about and play DS games, and we sure as heck are gonna talk 3DS when that comes out. So, I figured we should expand our focus to include the powerful portables.

Also, the site chat and forum have both been upgraded. The blog and the forum have been INTEGRATED onto our server (just like a real website! =P )

So, take a look around, a lot has remained the same, but a lot has changed.


oh, btw, I changed my screenname too......


Benjamin Fennell said...

Congrats on the transformation. :) Makes sense to expand it all beyond Wii Are Deep as we all move forward with new Nintendo platforms. And with the launch of the new overhauled online on the 3DS, there'll undoubtedly be much to play online in the not too distant future. :)

NinSage said...

glad you came with us, Ben!

Benjamin Fennell said...

Just had to update my subscription to the blog on blogger when the address changed, so it was thankfully easy. After spending too much time on GameFAQs and reading the ridiculousness we continue to see on so many gaming blogs, I wasn't about to drop away from one of the sanest Nintendo gaming sites around these days. :)

Rocket said...

Congratulations Cra... er Ninsage!

I like your avatar too, the sage from DQIII right? Nintemple is a much better name and some stuff looks quite interesting... a webcomic eh? hmm! :)

So we're going to cover DS and 3DS also? So we can write recoms for DS games too? Could you update your guidelines for them in the forum please? Thanks, I'm looking forward to all this!

Maxi said...

Well I think we should start keeping track of DS release dates now in the sidebar.

NinSage said...

Ben- heck yea!
Rocket - yup! DQIII really defined the designs for that series, I believe. and yes, get your DS recom skills ready!
Maxi - absolutely, and I've been meaning too .... just a matter of laziness on that one =P