Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy (belated) Birthday WiiAreDeep!!

welp... it's been a year... roughly.

January 1st, 2009 is when I launched this little endeavor. I honestly can't believe a year has gone by already. before you know it we'll be talking about Wii2s and PS4s and XBox 720s.

will the culture of gaming still need a site like ours at that time? I'm hoping not.

I'm hoping that, by then, all the consoles will have motion control from the get-go, and all the consoles will have HD output. why do I hope this? not because I love uniformity, but because that way gamers will not have enough differences to perceive them as battle-lines.

sure, the consoles will likely have subtle differences. Natal is certainly a different take on motion control.

but I believe this gaming generation is the most turbulent one yet, and hopefully it will be the most turbulent for quite some time.

yes, 3D HDTVs are already in the plans for Sony's future. but honestly, if people make a big deal about 3D gaming.... I'm just gonna throw my hands up and say to heck with these technophiles. =P


so anyway, there is a new section above called Sales. it'll be fleshed out in less than 24 hours. check it out then.


one last thing... THANK YOU for being a part of this site and this cause. sadly, after one year's time, I don't think we've accomplished many of the goals in our Mission Statement. we're succeeding in Step #4, but we still have a long way to go everywhere else.

but hey, it's only been a year and it's not like I do this full-time or anything (I sure ain't gettin' paid for it! =P)

we did upgrade from .tk to a .com - that was nifty. and I wouldn't have done that if I didn't think we were getting somewhere. it's just such a big problem for one lil' mom and pop site to tackle, am I right? we don't exactly have the audience reach of the professionals. =\

but, even as the little guy, hopefully we'll come up with some new strategies in 2010 and get some more of those goals checked off. maybe even become a LESS-little guy in the process...

anyway, thanks again everyone! enjoy your gaming!



Maxi said...

Well I have been a member for most of the time the site was running. It has been a wonderful time and a sanctuary for gamers. I thank this site for keeping me level headed. I am glad we have a decent community after a year. Hopefully it will expand even more and there is more consistancy with activeness.

To another year for the site!

Greg Vs said...

I've been here for a little while, but I've really liked your site. Keep up the great work!