Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NinTemple E3 Predictions

NinSage's List
I avoided the obvious things like "Wii successor detailed" or "Skyward Sword detailed."

  1. HOPE: 3DS can be used as a Project Café controller.
  2. HOPE: The new 3DS Mario game will be a brand new 3D game with the suits from SMB3.
  3. PREDICTION: The new 3DS Mario game will be a remake of Mario 3 called "Super Mario Bros 3DS." It will be 2D but will have added features along the lines of any remake.
  4. PREDICTION: Nintendo announces a brand new StarFox game from Retro Studies.
  5. PREDICTION: Pikmin 3 is announced as a 3DS game called "Pikmin 3DS."
  6. HOPE: Extensive Dragon Quest X footage and details.
  7. HOPE: A full Pokémon console experience with an emphasis on multiplayer that borders on MMO.
  8. PREDICTION: The third version of Pokémon Black/White is announced for the 3DS (and the DS??).
  9. PREDICTION: Skyward Sword comes out this Holiday and is not pushed back for a dual-launch on Project Café.
  10. HOPE: The character of Sheik is given a starring role in a game.
  11. PREDICTION: The new Kirby Wii game will be out sometime before November.
  12. HOPE: All the Japanese/European Wii games get localization announcements.
  13. PREDICTION: At least two of the Japanese/European Wii games get localization announcements (Xenoblade & Last Story).
Supa's List
  1. PREDICTION: Project Cafe will be announced with a title that will surprise and completely shock the "hardcore" gamers. The same group Nintendo is supposedly trying to win back.
  2. PREDICTION: The hardcore title in question will be from RockStar games, and will not be a new GTA, but an entirely new franchise having to do with a partnership with Nintendo.
  3. HOPE: Nintendo announces a reliable and trusted partner in their Cafe online service.
  4. PREDICTION: Nintendo will announce a collection of new 3DS games that are not ports and remakes. Games that will spike 3DS sales as they release.
  5. HOPE: Skyward Sword is played on stage again by Miyamoto. Only this time there isn't any blue-tooth interferance and faith is restored to skeptics of the project.
  6. PREDICTION: Skyward Swords graphics have been adjusted to sway more to the Twilight Princess side due to second thoughts by Nintendo.
  7. PREDICTION: Project Cafe's controller will have a screen used to communicate to other players online, as well as act as a game menu map for single player experiences
  8. HOPE: The latest entry in the handheld Pokemon RPG series is announced. The game will revolutionize the series forever with graphically and design wise.
  9. PREDICTION: A new Star Fox will be announced by Retro Studios either for the 3DS next year, or Cafe as a launch title in late 2012.
  10. PREDICTION: Nintendo localizes all the JRPG'S in hopes of ending the Wii's long life with a bang.
  11. PREDICTION: The Leaked Kirby Footage isn't for the Wii as we first thought, but for the 3DS and will launch in September.
  12. PREDICTION: Pikmin 3 will FINALLY get a release date, and will not continue the Duke Nuke life style.
  13. PREDICTION: The next Smash Bros will be shown in some form or another.


Supa said...

This sounds like fun, I will sit down and make a list as well as look through yours when I get the chance. (leaving the house atm) But quick question! Do you want us to edit this article or just post our predictions in here?

NinSage said...

Which ever is easier. I will probably end up putting them all together. But if you're worried about messing something up, I'd just as soon rather you post individually first ^_^