Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Info de Mayo!!

This guy's article on GameSpy is really in line with our whole philosophy here. Please check it out.

Link: Five Things the Gaming Community Needs to Stop Obsessing Over

do you recall a bunch of people (like Michael Pachter) saying there wouldn't be much of an audience for Netflix on the Wii because:
A) Wii users don't connect to the internet
B) Wii users don't understand new technology
C) people won't watch things that aren't in HD
Well, I do.

Good ol' Reggie seems to think the service did pretty well.

Observe: [link]


memu591 said...

That was a great article. Mr. Birch has good points. Kinda reminds me of Malstrom. Having about a million people using the netflix service already simply amazes me. I don't have a netflix account yet and now that the Wii utilizes it along with the mail-in discs, it's rather tempting.

p.s.- I'm one of the almost 10 million people who watched the wii fit girl youtube video. XD

Maxi said...

I think he makes very good points. I personally am tired of the "hardcore" and "casual" debates. Also something like "non-game" In short I guess I am tired of definition wars and conflict amongst gamers.